Last Saturday, the Gosford Classic Car Museum and Pickles hosted a classic car auction like no other in Australia. Thanks to everyone who attended and congratulations to the new classic car owners. Enjoy your ride!

Featured Cars

1968 Lamborghini Miura
The Lamborghini Miura is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 1966 and 1973.

1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III
The Phase III GTHO is in incredibly high demand with collectors and investors due to a small production run and fewer than 100 examples remaining.

1988 Porsche 959
When it was introduced, the twin-turbocharged 959 was the world’s fastest street-legal production car, boasting a top speed of 195 miles per hour (314 km/h).

1966 Aston Martin DB6
Produced from September 1965 to January 1971, the DB6 had the longest production run up to that date of any Aston Martin model.